NEW STUDENT EMAIL – Action Required

Dear Avila Student, 

To improve email, provide larger mailbox size, longer storage retention, unlimited file storage and the ability to keep your email account after you leave Avila University, we have changed the student email system.

 Your current Email Address is: 

Your NEW email address is: 

· Both email systems will be active until SPETEMBER 30th 2015

· To save emails from, please forward to your new account no later than SEPTEMBER 30th 2015

· Log in to your current email to view an email with directions (including default password) and how to setup your preferences. Please do this before SEPTEMBER 30th 2015

· Please notify everyone of your NEW email address by SEPTEMBER 30th 2015

As always the helpdesk located in the Learning Commons is staffed from 8:30am until 6:30PM Monday thru Friday if you need help setting up your email on your phone or laptop, or you can email us at


Parking Guidelines from Campus Safety


Good afternoon Avila Students, 

Avila University does require all Students and Employees to have a valid Avila Parking Permit displayed on their vehicle while in the University parking lots. This aids in the security of the parking lot to identify visitors and outsiders in our campus community.


Student Parking Permits are to be renewed each school year, and can be done so at the Campus Safety Office in Whitfield, Building #3, or done online at the Campus Safety webpage:


For Resident Students, we have spaces reserved on the east side of campus specifically for those students that live on campus, and are marked with ‘Resident’. To accommodate our Commuter students and employees we must ask that Residents park only in those Resident designated spaces, and not park in unmarked spaces on campus.

The full Parking Policy for Avila University is on pages 32-36 of the Student Handbook which you may refer to, as failure to follow the parking policy may result in a parking citation which is $40 per infraction.

Healthcare Management Degree – Open Doors to Careers in a High Growth Field



Have you been thinking about going back to college? Looking for a degree that will provide opportunities to pursue jobs offering a good income in a rapidly growing field? Take a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook projections for medical and health services managers – this field is predicted to grow at a considerably faster than average rate. Entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree.

This Journey Was Designed For YOU

Dear Prospective Student,

Taking the first step to furthering your education is a great accomplishment. Deciding to become a student as an adult can seem like a daunting task. Many of you have not been in the mode of learning for years, and there may be times when you sit back and think, “I’m too old for this” or “What was I thinking”, but I’m here to reassure you that you did not end up here by accident. 

This journey was designed for you, to create the life you’ve always wanted, to expand your horizons, and to accomplish great things.

Avila is the perfect place, because the instructors are just like you. They know what it is like in the workforce, they have families and they are working and teaching, so they understand that your time is valuable. I encourage you to seek out their expertise, connect with them as well as other students; make the most of what is available to you. Whatever you put into your experience here, is what you will get out of it.

My journey at Avila has been very therapeutic; every class has spoken to me at a heart level. I am a Mentor, I am a co-coordinator for a campus organization called Sister Heart and I have formed wonderful relationships. And, your journey can be whatever you want it to be, recognize it for what it is for you. Whether you are going back to school for the first time, or finishing what you started years ago, take this time to make this your college experience.

I would like to leave you with a quote from Kenny Loggins, it’s about taking flying lessons, and “one thing you’ll find out is that no matter when you jump, you’ll either land on your feet, or learn how to fly.”

My desire for you is to soar like an eagle


Kim Robinson

Student Mentor

Advantage Mentoring Project